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The partners category can be broken down into two groups:

  1. for-profit organizations that do not operate ships, ports, terminals or shipyards, but which have business links with the marine industry:
    • marine agents
    • shippers
    • suppliers
    • etc.
  2. non-profit organizations which have business relations with the marine industry or activities with links to the marine sector:
    • marine associations or coalitions
    • research and development centres
    • etc.

In both cases, partners undertake to promote the environmental program to their clients and receive a variant of the Green Marine logo which they can use to demonstrate their commitment to Green Marine.


Partner logo







  1. ABB Turbocharging
  2. Aluminerie Alouette
  3. American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  4. Bell Marine & Mill Supply
  5. BG Group
  6. Blue Seal Inc.
  7. Canadian International Bureau of Shipping Ltd.
  8. Canadian Salt Company Limited
  9. Concept Naval
  10. Conflow Technologies
  11. Corporation des pilotes du Saint-Laurent Central
  12. Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots
  13. DNV GL
  14. Drew Marine
  15. Envirochem Services Inc.
  16. Envirolin Canada
  17. Environmental Solution, Inc.
  18. Filtramax Inc.
  19. FRS Instrumentation & Controls Inc.
  20. Gaz Metro Transport Solutions
  21. Georgian College's Great Lakes International Marine Training Centre
  22. Great Lakes Pilotage Authority
  24. Hermont Marine
  25. Human Resources Sectorial Committee of the Maritime Industry
  26. Hydrex LLC
  27. International Paint
  28. Ionada
  29. Jastram Technologies Ltd
  30. KRAL
  31. Laurentian Pilotage Authority
  32. Lloyd's Register North America
  33. Marine and Offshore Canada
  34. Marine Clean Ltd.
  35. Maritime Innovation
  36. MSi3D
  37. Navware Canada Inc.
  38. OpDAQ Systems
  39. Pacific Pilotage Authority Canada
  40. PESCA Environnement
  41. Progress Energy Canada Ltd, Northwest Pacific LNG
  42. Quickload CEF Inc.
  43. RBM HoldSolutions
  44. RSC Bio Solutions
  45. Rightship
  46. Roche
  47. Schneider Electric
  48. Scott's Marine Interiors Ltd.
  49. S.I.G.E.I.M Inc.
  50. Seagulf Marine Industries Inc.
  51. SNC-Lavalin Environment
  52. Tata Steel
  53. Techsol Marine
  54. The Glosten Associates
  55. Thordon Bearings Inc.
  56. Tidal transport & trading
  57. Total Marine Solutions Inc.
  58. Urgence Marine Inc.
  59. V.Ships Canada Inc.
  60. VapCor Inc.
  61. Ventus Development Services Inc.
  62. Vickers Oil
  63. Wärtsilä Canada
  64. WSP Canada Inc.

To become a Green Marine partner, please contact us at 418 649-6004

or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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