Sponsor GreenTech 2018

Green Marine’s annual conference would not be possible without the generosity of all our sponsors!

The generous support of our sponsors enables Green Marine to tangibly pursue its mission with all of the profits generated by the event being reinvested in further improve the environmental program.

Green Marine’s annual conference is always a great way to promote your sustainability commitment, showcase your products and services, and ensure great visibility for your organization.

GreenTech 2018’s sponsorship plan enables you to choose the level of commitment and type of visibility you want!

A special thanks to all GreenTech 2017’s sponsors:


GOLD Sponsors

Port Everglades
GCT Global Container Terminals Inc.
Fednav Limited
St. Lawrence Seaway Corporations
Montreal Port Authority
CSL Group
Port of New Orleans
Prince Rupert Port Authority
Transport Canada

SILVER Sponsors

Port of Cleveland
Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership
McKeil Marine
Shipping Federation of Canada
Lloyd's Register Marine
Schneider Electric
Neptune Terminals
Port of Gulfport
Chamber of Marine Commerce

BRONZE Sponsors

Highway H2O
Fraser Surrey Docks

Exclusive Package Sponsors

Green Sponsor: Rightship
Barista Sponsor: Ocean
Lunch Sponsor: Port of Quebec
Vancouver Fraser Port Authority


BC Shipping News
The Maritime Executive