August 15, 2018

A greener, hardier south terminal at the Port of Everett

At the Port of Everett, the South Terminal Modernization project has been under way since August. Budgeted at $36 million, it is the largest capital project in the port’s history, and the largest maritime construction project on the West Coast today. The project will ensure the port’s facilities are ready to support the next generation of over-dimensional cargo, including aerospace parts for the new Boeing 777X.

The South Terminal facility is a key part of the port’s overall Seaport Modernization efforts. It is the largest of the port’s docks in terms of land area but, originally built in the 1970s to support log operations, it needs bolstering to support a minimum of 1,000 pounds per square foot (double its current p.s.f. capacity).

Electrical upgrades will be made in addition to the dock’s fortification. The renewed dock will be strong enough to accommodate two rail-mounted container cranes and provide vaults for ships to plug into shore power. With the help of the port’s 2% for public access policy, the project is also generating $586,000 for the City of Everett to improve public access along the waterfront in harmony with existing work areas.

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A greener, hardier south terminal at the Port of Everett