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Green Marine participants’ activities, environmental initiatives and most recent results in the environmental program, in one click!

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Results based on a scale of 1 to 5.

1 Regulatory compliance
2 Systematic use of a defined number of best practices
3 Integration of best practices into an adopted management plan and quantifiable understanding of environmental impact
4 Introduction of new technologies
5 Excellence and leadership

If no result appears, it is a new participant who has not yet submitted an evaluation.

The term “op” applies to an indicator that was optional for 2011 for which no results were published.

The term  “ni” applies to a new indicator introduced in 2012, for which reporting results will be optional in 2013.

The term “na” (not applicable) appears in several places in the results because of the high degree of operational diversity among Participants. The environmental issues covered by the Program do not necessarily apply to all Participants in the same way. For example, tug and ferry companies do not pump ballast water, container carriers do not have to treat their cargo residues and most ports do not have “community impacts” issues if they are not located in an urban area.

The results published for each Participant re?ect a given company’s environmental performance only with respect to those performance indicators and criteria that form part of the Green Marine Environmental Program.

Green Marine does not evaluate participants’ regulatory compliance. Given that veri?cation of regulatory compliance is a governmental responsibility, Green Marine grants Level 1 to each participant on a good faith basis. Each participant who joins the Green Marine program makes a commitment to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and to address any instances of non-compliance as expeditiously as possible.

The Seaway Corporations' results are a combined average of individual results.