Green Marine, A Wave Worth Riding



The Green Marine Environmental Program is an action plan that addresses nine major environmental issues identified by the marine industry :

Aquatic invasive species

Air emissions : SOx and NOx

Greenhouse gases

Cargo residues

Oily waters

Community impacts (noise, dust, odours and luminous pollution)

Environmental leadership

Waste Management

Prevention of spills and leakages


The program is made up of 4 basic steps:


1- Evaluation process

Green Marine requires participants to adopt practices and technologies that will have a direct impact on the ground.
The progress that participants make in this respect is evaluated with the help of performance indicators, which are
defined on a scale ranging from one to five based on the following criteria:




1 Compliance with applicable regulations and adherance to Green Marine's guiding principles
2 Systematic use of a defined number of best practices
3 Integration of best practices into an adopted management plan and quantifiable
understanding of environmental impacts
4 Introduction of new technologies
5 Excellence and leadership

The Green Marine Environmental Program encourages participants to go beyond regulatory compliance and implement a process of continuous environmental improvement that will lead to excellence and leadership.


Download the 2013 summary of the program's performance indicators (the complete 2013 self-evaluation guides are also available under the Self-evaluation guides tab. These guides will be used for the evaluation period between January 1st and March 31st, 2014.)

Ports, terminals & shipyards

2 - External verification

Participants' results are subject to an external audit every two years, during which an independent third party will visit their premises to check their facilities and procedures, and verify the accuracy of the data used to compile their results.

List of accredited verifiers


3 - Publication of results

Participants’ individual results - as well as the global results attained by the industry as a whole - are published on a yearly basis in Green Marine's annual progress report. Individual results are also available via an interactive map on Green Marine’s website.


4 - Certification

To be able to show their commitment to the Green Marine environmental program, participants each receive a certificate attesting to their environmental performance. The certification of participants is done according to a rigorous, transparent process approved by the Board of Directors of the Green Marine Management Corporation. The process is outlined in detail in Green Marine's Certification policy.