Green Marine, A Wave Worth Riding
About Us

Who we are


Green Marine is a joint Canada-U.S. initiative aimed at implementing a marine industry environmental program throughout North America.

Founded in 2007 by the major marine industry associations in both Canada and the U.S., Green Marine has rapidly gained a reputation for credibility and transparency, and for challenging participant companies to improve their environmental performance beyond regulatory compliance.

The cornerstone of the Green Marine initiative is its far-reaching environmental program, which makes it possible for any marine company operating in Canada or the U.S. to voluntarily improve its environmental performance by undertaking concrete and measurable actions.

Although the program was originally conceived for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence corridor, the interest it has generated throughout the marine industry has enabled it to evolve into a bi-national program that now covers North America in its entirety.


Green Marine’s main goals are to:

  • Strengthen environmental performance through a process of continuous improvement;
  • Build strong relations with marine waterway stakeholders;
  • Heighten understanding of the industry’s activities and environmental benefits.

Our mission : To make the marine transportation industry even greener

Our vision : To lead the marine transportation industry to environmental excellence